Galerie Am Roten Hof exhibits emerging female artists from Russia

20.8.21 10.9.21

This exhibition is a joint statement of 14 contemporary female artists from Russia who comment on issues essential to them.

The variety of themes is explained by rigorous research ranging from personal history to global problems: motherhood, aesthetics of quotidian, human/technology relation, feminism, individual freedom and choice phenomenon.

Wide spectrum and multifaceted nature of topics is expressed via interdisciplinary approach – every artist has its own voice, method and medium. 

The absence of the common topic is a deliberate step and a part of the concept, emphasizing tangible volume of questions important to female artists. Their projects forcefully convey personal worries, hopes, fears or dreams. This female gaze is translating new meanings in the changing environment where the status of women is being reassessed.


Alena Mukhina

Irina Butkovskaya

Daria Kuvaiskaia

Lilia Bakanova

Yulia Pastukhova

Evgenia Makarova

Elena Sorokina

Anastasia Bankova

Irina Voloshinovskaia

Elena Sakharova

Anna Li

Anna Lisenkova

Valeria Shukhova

Elena Solovyova

CURATED BY Ksenia Romanova and Elizaveta Svetlova